The 3rd International Conference on Power Grid Systems and Green Energy (PGSGE 2023)
PGSGE 2023 has been held successfully on January 13, 2023!



PGSGE 2023, which was scheduled to be held in Xiamen from January 1 to 6 in 2023, has been held successfully on January 13, 2023 online.


We invited 4 keynote speakers and 3 oral presenters to share their recent academic research.


The first program was keynote speeches.



Prof. Zhenbin Zhang

Shandong University, China

Title: Advanced predictive control for electric energy conversion systems



Prof. Yiming Zhang

Fuzhou University, China

Title: Theory and Application of Wireless Power Transfer



Prof. Zhe Chen

Aalborg University, Denmark

Title: Smart Energy Systems



Prof. Hartmut Hinz

Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Title: Lithium-Ion Battery Simulation Models for Storage Systems in Renewable Power Generation



The second program was oral presentations.



The first oral presenter is Jinhan Wu from Wuhan University.

The title is Distribution network risk prediction based on status assessment and semi-invariant method.


At last, the excellent posters were displayed.

PGSGE 2023 流程PPT_13.jpg